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Forebodings of the Promised Land

Hunched as he is by the campfire, sifting through grit and sand for the day’s cache of gold dust, Hermann is oblivious to the danger lurking in the woods beyond. His compadre has wandered further down the stream to throw … Continue reading

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It is written in the stars

At the dawn of time, we were all heaven. Celestial dust was swirling in the black void, pulsing with energy and gathering mass with an insatiable hunger for life. Out of this roiling chaos were moulded the planets and the … Continue reading

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Epic slice of history

The horses snort and stamp the frozen ground, chafing against their bridle, plumes of foggy breath rising in the mist. The smell of pine tar and wet leather tickles the riders’ nostrils, eyes watering over, noses running, whiskeyed tongues flicking … Continue reading

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