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When peace and quiet are not quite enough

A thick fog blankets the red bricks and tiled roofs of Ferrara, muffling out all scents and sounds of Mardi Gras: the joyous cymbals and tambourines, the lustful aromas of garlic bread with parmesan cheese, the clinking of tankards and … Continue reading

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Russian rivalry

Heavy boots crunch down the lonely royal purple crocus peeking from the icy crust. Rattled breath fogs up the air, betraying tension and blank fear. At the count of ten, the 2 combatants face each other across the meadow, slush … Continue reading

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Pair it like a pro

Looking for your perfect Valentine? Seek no further than your neighborhood brewery: and for a truly romantic, sensuous and distinct experience, bring along that heart-shaped chocolate box. Beer & chocolate are the yin-yang of matchmaking and pair together beautifully: Start … Continue reading

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Road to Olympic glory

Her arms are pushing against the water, fighting the ripples coming in from the nearby lane, bubbles trailing behind. Three steady strides and one big, long push splicing the current, head out for a gulp of air, refilling the lungs … Continue reading

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