Forebodings of the Promised Land

Hunched as he is by the campfire, sifting through grit and sand for the day’s cache of gold dust, Hermann is oblivious to the danger lurking in the woods beyond. His compadre has wandered further down the stream to throw a line for coho salmon, but with the rivers silted up where the gold diggers have made camp, they may have to settle for beef jerky instead. Unless he can snare and skin a hare and roast it over woodsmoke. The shadows are lenghtening over the blazing poppies and goldenrods, and dry timber rustles and crackles in the faint breeze. Hermann lumbers to his feet, popping his rusty joints, and turns to stare into the double barrel of a gun pointing straight between his eyebrows.

The weapon belongs to The Sisters Brothers, the infamous pair of bounty hunters in Patrick de Witt’s Westerner set in 1851 California. Charlie and Eli Sisters are very much in demand for they are notoriusly level-headed and focused under pressure, planning and executing a kill with surgical precision, leaving no loose ends to tie up in their wake. Little wonder than that the Commodore sends them on a complex mission to track down Hermann Kermit Warm, a prospector rumoured to have found a foolproof way to mine for gold. But as the Sisters Brothers trekk deeper into the Californian Promised Land with the intent to kill Hermann and extract his golden secret, what they find causes them to shift their loyalties, question their allegiances and rethink their priorities in more ways than one. Does this spell the end for the Sisters Brothers’ killing streak? Or a new beginning?

Rough it out under the stars with cured venison sausage, generously spiced with paprika, marjoram, garlic powder, celery seeds and ground nutmeg. Grate kohlrabi, beetroots and apples and toss in with olive oil, cider vinegar, salt, pepper and coriander seeds for a succulent twist on legumes and greens. And swig Pacific North West craft beer with punchy notes of cucumber and peach.


About Manu

Librarian turned fundraiser Manuela enjoys sharing stories, be they real or imaginary. She is part of 2 book clubs, attends weekly Toastmasters meetings, goes to the opera, sips wine with her meals and travels extensively with her family and friends.
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