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Lunar festival highlights

The red dragon is rearing its head, drums pounding to its mute roar. Golden tassles jingle along the fabric of its rump as the procession slithers and thumps along the waterfront. Chen is the only stray onlooker not joining in … Continue reading

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Memories of the Provence

The quill flows across the parchment in delicate strokes resonating with the gruff accents of the lang d’oc, curlicues embued with the scents of Provence: gurgling spring streams running down Mont Ventoux to the Sorgue; purple lavender fields clicking with … Continue reading

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A Scot’s toast to freedom

The rain drives in great, black sheets across the Highlands, casting a dark sheen over the deep green moss. Brown thistles hang limp and sopping wet, the wind howling and hurtling clods of earth onto the rider’s path. Freezing water … Continue reading

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‘What is an ocean if not a multitude of drops?’

A young notary is caught in the clutches of a devious quack while sailing across the Pacific in slavery-conscious Victorian times. A reckless, aspiring composer wrestles with his muse on a war-ravaged Belgian estate during the Jazz Era. An intrepid … Continue reading

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