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Forebodings of the Promised Land

Hunched as he is by the campfire, sifting through grit and sand for the day’s cache of gold dust, Hermann is oblivious to the danger lurking in the woods beyond. His compadre has wandered further down the stream to throw … Continue reading

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The ballots are in, the die is cast

In spite of the teeth-wrenching cold, the line up to the polling office snakes around the block. Huddled in faux furs and double-breasted overcoats, fedoras at a rakish angle, the voters stamp their T-strap booties, feverishly waiting to drop their … Continue reading

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It is written in the stars

At the dawn of time, we were all heaven. Celestial dust was swirling in the black void, pulsing with energy and gathering mass with an insatiable hunger for life. Out of this roiling chaos were moulded the planets and the … Continue reading

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In the company of Dickens

One of my most comfortable sleeps happened in a barn. It was the height of summer, and with high school just behind me, I buckled up my backpack for a two-week hike-and-camp with the gang in the Carpathians. The air … Continue reading

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Soccer fever

From the rubber-strewn alleys of the favellas to the choking humidity of the jungle and the pulsing nightlife of Ipanema Beach, the soccer ball gathers us all on pitches and around TVs to watch the beautiful game. We drop homemade … Continue reading

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Hit the road jack

I’m terrified of sunrises. The thought of stumbling bleary-eyed and foggy-brained into the cold dampness of early morning dew is enough to make me burrow my nose into my pillowcase and fall back to sleep. So, when the clanking night … Continue reading

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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks: or can you?

In the early 30s, the vast majority of Americans never brushed their teeth. In fact, their mouths were so rotten that poor dental hygiene was turning into a national security risk, according to journalist Charles Duhigg. Today, new moms scrub … Continue reading

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