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The book hangover

Sluggish brain, red-rimmed eyes, feverish gums, aching limbs, a general state of lassitude punctured by guilt, with a blurry restlessness tugging at the edge of consciousness: if you recognize the symptoms, you likely recall your last hangover, the baffled sense … Continue reading

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Disturbing bouquet

When we picked up our rental car from the railway station, we knew we had to drive to the Kyriad Hotel in Provencal Avignon. So, as soon as we merged off the highway into the lane that winds itself around … Continue reading

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‘What is an ocean if not a multitude of drops?’

A young notary is caught in the clutches of a devious quack while sailing across the Pacific in slavery-conscious Victorian times. A reckless, aspiring composer wrestles with his muse on a war-ravaged Belgian estate during the Jazz Era. An intrepid … Continue reading

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Dreams in black and white

The black sky is pricked with stars, their light dusting the ground like spun sugar. Burnt caramel is wafting through the air, kids licking cotton candy off their fingers, jostling through the narrow lanes to catch a glimpse of the … Continue reading

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