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Mad with heat

The air crackles like an oven. Grass, dry as cinder, crawls with critters mad with heat. One spark is all it takes for houses to shoot up in flames, the hot breath of the wind fanning the fire in a … Continue reading

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On the road again

The engine groans as it grinds up the hill in a tight curve. The windshield is caked over with dust, the ochre smudged off just above the steering wheel where the wipers have been working over time. They’re taking a … Continue reading

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Long, lazy summer days

Swaying in a hammock under the shade of vine leaves, book drooping on the bridge of my nose; the soft putter of the motor boat idling in the creek; crows roosting amidst treetops popping with cherries; the tires of my … Continue reading

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Power walk

Harold leans across the brine-eaten railing to catch a glimpse of the sealion lazying in the sun. Seagulls wheel overhead and the fishermen slap baskets of shrimp onto the jetty, ready for market. The first customers already crowd the docks, … Continue reading

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Coffee chat

The noise and chatter draws you in as soon as you reach the glass doors. Step into the cafe and you are overflown by raucuous laughter, heated debates, shoulderslapping and shouts for “un vino mas”. It’s hard to reach the … Continue reading

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Dancing the Sevillana

The square heels chop at the floor in their staccato rhythm, tender at first, like a quiet longing, then growing more intense, eating up the stage in the throes of heated passion, a dizzying whirlwind of steps locked in battle, … Continue reading

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When Granada fell quiet

The shutter clicks open. Beatriz blinks into the white sun, the spicy smell of the jacarandas teasing her awake. The empy cobblestones breathe out into the silence, deep shadows straining up the hill towards the mottled walls of the Alhambra. … Continue reading

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