Mad with heat

The air crackles like an oven. Grass, dry as cinder, crawls with critters mad with heat. One spark is all it takes for houses to shoot up in flames, the hot breath of the wind fanning the fire in a mad frenzy, eating up the wood until nothing is left but raw cinder caughing up smoke. It’s the dog days of summer, when nerves are frayed thin, passions erupt in white heat and gossips spread like wildfire, leaving resentments and spite smouldering in their wake.

Master storyteller Lisa Moore unravels the tangled relationships of a Newfoundland family in her debut short story Degrees of Nakedeness. When Joan’s house burns down, she moves in with her brother and sister-in-law in what soon becomes an uneasy, strained and not a little awkward threesome arrangement. In terse prose that hints at troubled truths, the story teases apart the complications of marriage, spousal abuse, abandonment and hurt, private secrets that edge dangerously close towards public disclosure and shame.

Cook up a summery Newfoundland menu with steamed mussels flavoured with lemon grass and kaffir limes, followed by roasted Atlantic salmon fillets alongside a spoonful of lime-begonia butter and a light barley salad, and ending with tart bakeapples for dessert. A sparling prosecco adds prickle and bite to seafood and fish.


About Manu

Librarian turned fundraiser Manuela enjoys sharing stories, be they real or imaginary. She is part of 2 book clubs, attends weekly Toastmasters meetings, goes to the opera, sips wine with her meals and travels extensively with her family and friends.
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