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Gone hunting

It’s the height of summer and the hunters are gathering in front of the roaring fire for the shortest night of the year. A pale green sky is filtering the last lilac rays of the setting sun. The piney smell … Continue reading

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The contemplative dad

, rea The Father and His Two Daughters¬†(fable by Aesop) A man had two daughters, the one married to a gardener, and the other to a tile-maker.¬† After a time he went to the daughter who had married the gardener, … Continue reading

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Caribbean dreams

Red, blue and white streamers explode in the azure skies. Waves crash turquoise against the flour-like sand shaded by towering coconut trees. The languid sounds of a bachata drip over the heated cobblestones of the Malecon, where a Sunday morning … Continue reading

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Greed and revenge: the Nigerian scam

Would you die for your child? If so, are you ready to kill for your child? Conversely, how far would you go for the sake of your parent? Will Ferguson invites us to ponder these questions in his fast-paced thriller … Continue reading

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