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Irish lore

Once upon a time, a great tribe of warriors and druids roamed the emerald-green island of Erie. Theirs was a land of mystic beauty, drained by sparkling brooks and rushing waterfalls, fragrant with loamy moss and tart crab apples, crowned … Continue reading

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‘What is an ocean if not a multitude of drops?’

A young notary is caught in the clutches of a devious quack while sailing across the Pacific in slavery-conscious Victorian times. A reckless, aspiring composer wrestles with his muse on a war-ravaged Belgian estate during the Jazz Era. An intrepid … Continue reading

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Fateful encounters in the New World

The fire crackles in the hearth, fragrant fir and pine needles whirling up like fireflies through the smokehole of the longhouse. Wrapped in rich beaver furs, the Elders pass the pipe around the circle, telling of stories from long ago, … Continue reading

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The American Labor Day Classic

Backpacks hoisted on shoulders, we pour out of the subway, jostling the crowds, falling in line like kids on their first day back to school. We unpack our Reuben sandwich, biting into the grainy crust, savoring the peppery corned beef, … Continue reading

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