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A hell of a chase in Florence

Heavy footfalls are punching the gravel behind him. Heart constricting in his chest, Robert Langdon scans the darkened walkway for cover. Inky hydrangea and irises are melting in the shadows and a cannonball of a moon threatens to crush the … Continue reading

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Twists, turns and devious plots

The sky is bruised blood-orange, wine red, aubergine and deep plum. Brooding dark clouds, heavy with rain, are set on a collision course against each other, trailing sheets of dust across the prairie. A deep rumble makes the earth buckle … Continue reading

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Romance in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre: the jewel of Italy’s Ligurian Coast. Five quaint fishing villages strung like pearls along the Western Appennine Mountains. Sheer drops to the rushing sea below, dotted by vineyards, patches of rosemary and sharp-smelling acacia trees, they glisten pale … Continue reading

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Dark secrets of the Riviera

The waves of the Mediterranean are gently lapping against the hydrofoil’s hull. The topaz sea reflects the vastness of the sky above. Lush lemon groves cascade down the terraces of the Sorrentine peninsula, white villas and fishing huts nestling in … Continue reading

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