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Mad with heat

The air crackles like an oven. Grass, dry as cinder, crawls with critters mad with heat. One spark is all it takes for houses to shoot up in flames, the hot breath of the wind fanning the fire in a … Continue reading

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Long, lazy summer days

Swaying in a hammock under the shade of vine leaves, book drooping on the bridge of my nose; the soft putter of the motor boat idling in the creek; crows roosting amidst treetops popping with cherries; the tires of my … Continue reading

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The American Labor Day Classic

Backpacks hoisted on shoulders, we pour out of the subway, jostling the crowds, falling in line like kids on their first day back to school. We unpack our Reuben sandwich, biting into the grainy crust, savoring the peppery corned beef, … Continue reading

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